Basketball is a great way to have fun, stay fit and socialize – basketball clubs often encourage teamwork and playing together. And with basketball being played worldwide, it can be even more beneficial for your child to learn the skills of the game as it gives them a wider social circle and access to different cultures. In another article, we’ve covered basketball training for kids, but today we’re going to explore how basketball can improve your child’s grades at school.

1) Basketball improves concentration

With so much going on around children outside of school they can find themselves constantly distracted from what they should be focusing on. Basketball helps with your child’s ability to focus their attention for longer periods of time which will help keep them attentive in class too without that feeling that you should be doing something else.

2) Basketball improves memory

Whether it’s basketball teams or basketball clubs, your child will find themselves learning new skills and techniques that can then be applied to their lives. This is great for making them more confident in their everyday life which will help with developing group working skills that are useful in the classroom too. There’s nothing like a basketball team coming together to win a game to build confidence!

3)Basketball teaches problem-solving

One of the most important aspects to learn about basketball is how problems can be solved on the court when they arise. Knowing what you should do next at the right time takes practise but there are lots of basketball training drills for this purpose out there which can give your child an extra advantage over others!

4)Basketball reduces stress

basketball is a fun sport, but let us face it there are times when your child isn’t enjoying themselves. There are other times when they might just be having an off day. Through basketball, children learn that what others do should not affect them and this can help with their own personal sense of self-esteem which will also have a positive impact on how they behave towards others in school too.

5)Basketball helps improve fitness

It’s no secret that basketball is one of the most physically demanding sports out there so you can be sure basketball training for kids will help get your child fitter while at the same time teaching them teamwork skills. After all, basketball is both individual and team-based! These are great skills to have in the classroom when working together as a team with others to solve problems.

So basketball isn’t just fun for kids – basketball classes can also help improve your child’s grades that little bit more too! Basketball truly is the perfect all-rounder sport. As basketball coaches, we must admit there are times when our own children struggle with their school work, but basketball teaches them extra skills that they wouldn’t learn elsewhere and this allows them to get better results in school, no matter what it is they’re trying to achieve! If you’ve got any questions about basketball training for kids please do get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear from you.

Mishel Schwartz -GTA Mavericks Managing Director @GTA.Mavericks