Basketball is one of the most popular and accessible sports in the world.

Parents who would like their children to try out for a school or rep basketball team should take some time to consider if they’re ready for that level of commitment and if it’s best for them.

So before typing “Bsketball Tryouts Near Me” into Google, here’s why house league may be right for your child:

House league allows children to learn the basics before moving up to rep teams, where skills can often carry players through rather than effort and teamwork.

“My oldest child played rep all throughout his childhood,” said Avi Mann, father of two and president of Hillsdale Community Association Basketball in Toronto. “He was always very good at it, but I was always uncomfortable with the way games were judged. The one who makes the least mistakes wins, which creates an unbalanced game.”

House league may be more inclusive, Mann said.

“Children who are not as athletically inclined can still contribute to their teams by becoming smart players and taking advantage of team opportunities,” he added. “An individual’s talent can’t carry them through because there is so much shared responsibility.”

So if your child wants to play rep basketball, why not let them try out for a house league first? It’ll help them find their strengths on the court and build up some skills before they go toe-to-toe with older kids whose skills might overshadow theirs. House league will teach them teamwork, sportsmanship and give them a better understanding of the game.

“Every child has their own natural skill set,” Mann said. “It’s about finding out what they are good at, honing those skills through practice, making sure everyone contributes equally to the team regardless of individual talent levels and being fair to all players.”

As your child gets older they’re going to become more keen on playing rep teams because it looks good on scholarship applications or is an easy way into college basketball. If that seems like something they’d enjoy then by all means let them try it out.

Many parents worry about their kids missing school for games or practices but there are ways around this if you make use of the house league concept.

By doing some research on basketball leagues in your area you’ll find programs with the right level of commitment for your child. Not only will they learn some great life skills but they’ll be having fun doing it.

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By Mishel Schwartz, GTA Mavericks